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Insurance Inspections

Is your homeowners insurance company requesting an inspection? 

In Florida, insurance companies will likely request that you have a 4 Point Inspection and a Wind Mitigation Inspection completed on your home. Sighthound Home Inspections, LLC provides these inspection services to Walton, Bay, Okaloosa, and surrounding counties at a competitive price.

When you choose Sighthound Home Inspections, LLC, you are guaranteed your 4 Point or Wind Mitigation Inspection report to be sent to you the same day as your scheduled inspection.

We understand that the process of getting a new homeowner's insurance policy is sometimes time consuming, frustrating, and confusing- especially for anybody who is new to Florida. That's why Sighthound Home Inspections, LLC makes it easy and fast for you to get the 4 Point and Wind Mitigation Inspection reports your insurance company asks for. 

Save yourself time and stress by calling Sighthound Home Inspections, LLC for your insurance inspections today! Call or text 850-296-8329 to schedule.

Schedule Today

Need a 4 Point or Wind Mitigation inspection? Schedule it below or call 850-296-8329!

Thank you for your submission. You will be contacted by Sighthound Home Inspections, LLC shortly to schedule.

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